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About Us

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Dating and mating for all kind of pets


Online store that sells everything for your pets with real time delivery options

PETO Services

Pet services from grooming to vets

PETO Rescue

Adopt pets in need, donate to our cause to rescue stray animals and rehome them

Hump Game

Play as your pet in this online game

And many more!

Meet other pet owners around you and chat with them

PETO's mission is to connect and integrate pet owners and all pet-related stakeholders (pet shops, services providers, shelters, breeders and anything else pet related) worldwide under a single platform.

We provide solutions for online pet care needs. Our main objective is to make the world an easier, thus better, place for pets and definitely for pet owners.

About the Company

PETO International (PT PETO, Reg. No. 4016020136100240, SIUP No. 503/000263-BP2T/30-08/PK/II/2016, TDP No. is a tech company that provides technological solutions to pet owners, pets, and animals in general.

The PETO application is our flagship product to create a better world for pets and pet owners worldwide, through our technological innovations and inventions.

Our sole purpose of existence is only to serve pet owners, pets, and any animals in need.

We have been featured on:

CNN Indonesia

MNC World News

NET TV Indonesia Morning Show

TRT World Money Talks

and many more...

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LINE: petoapp
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